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Please note  the admissions closing dates for September 2021

NURSERY admissions closing date: 15th January 2022

RECEPTION admissions (through Merton council) closing date: 15th January 2022.

SECONDARY SCHOOL application deadline: 31st October 2021

MID-YEAR admissions to other year groups: please call the school office

0208 540 8059 for further information and Morden Civic Centre: 020 8274 4906


Admissions procedure

As a voluntary aided school the Governors have their own admission policy which comes into force if there are more applicants than places.

If an applicant does not receive the offer of a place at the school there is a right of appeal to the independent appeal panel.

Visiting the school

Please see the 'Tour of School' page for further information. 

Nursery Class

Applications for nursery can be made after the child's second birthday and children can start in the term after their third birthday, space permitting. We offer morning places and afternoon places under the Universal Entitlement and Full Time places to those qualifying for the Extended Entitlement. From September 2020 we will also be offering  self-funded full time places if there are spaces left after the government funded places have been allocated. Admission to our Nursery does not guarantee a place in the main school. For further details please refer to our Nursery admissions policy. 


Children are admitted to reception class in September. To settle all the children, entrance is staggered over a period of a few weeks. Please see the Reception Admissions page. 

Home Visits

Before your child starts nursery the teacher will visit your home to help your child settle into school life. The visits enable parents to share any concerns they might have with the teacher and teachers learn about the interests your child has. Children will see there is a direct link between home life and school, making their transition into school life easier. Due to Corona virus, these visits cannot go ahead this year. However the teachers will contact the parents and have a meeting over the phone. 

Mid-Year Transfers to other year groups

Applications for places outside the normal admissions period will be coordinated by the Local Authority and an application form is available from the Morden Civic Centre (020 8274 4906). If applying for a Foundation Place, you will also need to complete a supplementary form which is available from admission forms section at the top of this page or from the school office.


Merton Council - links to school admission page