The Priory, Church of England Primary School



As a Church of England School, we appreciate your voluntary contributions of £36 for the school Building Fund/Capitation from parents. This voluntary contribution is a payment all Church of England Schools require to maintain the school buildings and classrooms.  Each year our parents contribute £36.00 into this fund and this enables us to keep the school safe and looking attractive for the children.

Last year the Buildings Fund contributed towards the repair of the school building, roof, guttering and our new front entrance and foyer area.  We upgraded our ICT requirements and added additional equipment for use in the classroom and ICT suite.


We also have the annual £34 voluntary contribution from parents to our school fund. Last year over 78% of parents gave £34 or more to support us in providing the extras which help make our curriculum more exciting and fun.

School Fund supported the following:

  • Book Week prizes and materials/Sports Day medals
  • Theatre companies
  • Termly learning exhibitions for Parents/Arts week
  • KS1 Christmas Show/Year 6 Show
  • Year 3 and Year 4 Swimming
  • School visits e.g. Bocketts Farm (Reception), Painshill Park (Nursery) 
  • Topic Spectacular Days e.g. cooking ingredients for Ancient Greek food (year 5)/Gruffalo Cakes (Reception)
  • Year 4 and Year 6 Residential trips
  • Curriculum workshops e.g. Ancient Egyptian Spectacular Day
  • Anti-bullying drama group (whole School)
  • Playground equipment/Extra Early years equipment (Nursery and Reception)
  • Competition prizes/Eco Garden Seeds and Tools 
  • Year 6 SATs breakfast and gifts for leavers.