The Priory, Church of England Primary School


At the end of every half term we will be holding a coffee morning/afternoon whereby each year group will show case their work and parents will be invited to view it.  Each half term there will be a new focus please see the table below. Several children will be selected to explain what they have been learning or perform for the parents e.g. a song, poetry or drama. The events will take place in the middle hall where parents are invited to have a coffee and chat to the children. 

Coffee Morning times: 8:40-9:50am

Coffee Afternoon times: 2:30-3:15pm

 AUTUMN 1  - EY Open Day 
 AUTUMN 2 Wednesday 27th November Take One Picture
 SPRING 1 - -
 SPRING 2  Friday 27th March Book Week and English
 SUMMER 1 Friday 22nd May Maths+Science (eco-themed)
SUMMER 2 Friday 3rd July Humanities


Take One Picture Week  -Monday 18th- Nov.

Book Week:  Monday 2nd March - 6th March

(World Book Day Thurs 5th March)