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At the Priory, we are passionate about developing children’s awareness and interest in a range of cultures.  Our geography curriculum enables children to find out about countries all over the world and to understand and appreciate our global community.  In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children will explore the geography of their immediate surroundings, including the school and its grounds, the local area and the countries of the United Kingdom.  This will involve lots of practical activities such as fieldwork, planting and harvesting.  As children reach the end of Key Stage 1 and progress through Key Stage 2, they will develop their knowledge of the wider world, focusing mainly on Europe and the Americas. They will consolidate the learning that takes place in Key Stage 1 and also begin to look at more complex geographical features, including tourism, landscapes, rivers, climates and time zones.

Geography is also widely celebrated in termly Spectacular days linked to each topic and whole school events including the annual International Evening and competitions linked to our Eco-friendly aims.  This promotes children’s awareness of the need to look after our environment and also ensures that we celebrate and represent the cultural backgrounds of all children in the school.