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The Priory C of E Primary School


At The Priory we learn History both as a discrete subject and as part of other subjects such as Art, Geography, Design and Technology, Music and Literacy.

We aim to immerse ourselves in our History topics and make the most of every opportunity to make links with our work in other subjects. 

At The Priory a lot of our history is taught through stories of real people which the children can relate to, so we always aim to emphasise the human aspects of the times we study. We base all of our lessons on a question in an effort to foster a sense of curiosity in our pupils. We may begin a lesson with “Why do we remember Guy Fawkes?” or “Would you have wanted Alexander the Great to have been YOUR King?” As well as providing high-quality teaching we ensure that the children are provided with a variety of resources which they are able to explore to draw some of their own conclusions. We have recently invested in a selection of replica artefacts and high-quality information books which the pupils are encouraged to read to aid their learning. We have also created a History Timeline which spans the length of one of our stairwells and runs from the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian society to the present day.