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The Priory C of E Primary School


The Maths learning and teaching at The Priory aims to inspire and challenge pupils, using real life situations to secure understanding. Whilst also providing opportunities to use and apply mathematical skills in different scenarios. 

We currently follow the Primary National Strategy Framework to guide planning within the Maths curriculum but are in the process of preparing the introduction of the New National Curriculum.  We focus on ensuring gaps in learning are identified and addressed, whilst encouraging children to become independent thinkers, using their initiative and prior knowledge, and taking responsibility for their mathematical learning.  The children are developing confidence in explaining their thinking and reasoning and using mathematical vocabulary, and approaching investigative learning with commitment and enthusiasm. 

We have extra Early Morning Maths activities in each class three mornings a week to consolidate learning and provide challenge for the children at the start of the school day.  This is in addition to the daily Maths lessons in each class.  Our calculations policy is effective in ensuring good progression and a consistent approach to teaching the four operations.  Our workshops for parents are always well attended, showing that we are working as a whole school community to raise and maintain high standards.  We want children to feel the magic of Maths and understand its importance and relevance in the world around them