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The Priory C of E Primary School


Music is a specialist subject at The Priory and is embraced fully throughout the school. Currently, all children from Y1-Y6 receive 1hr lessons in a dedicated, well-stocked music room.

Music allows children to experience joy, contemplation and supports their understanding of, and involvement in the world. It helps promote confidence, concentration and happiness. Lessons aim to follow and extend national curriculum objectives.  Students can receive one to one instrument lessons at the school through visiting Merton Music Foundation tutors. Children can also take part in extra-curricular music clubs at The Priory: currently we have a school band, a KS1 and a KS2 choir, a KS1 Beginners Violin club, and Recorder Club.

In early years, Music is used to teach a wide range of learning goals including Maths, English, PE, social and emotional learning, and Art and Design. Reception children have an additional weekly specialist music lesson. Teachers throughout the school use music and performance across cross curricular lessons including History, PE, Geography, Healthy Schools, PSHE, Maths and English. There is an end of year musical from Year 6, as well as Spectaculars and regular class collective worship performances and weekly dedicated singing praise assemblies, where the joy of song sits side by side with a happy spiritual and moral development. Individuals play instruments regularly in collective worships, and children are encouraged to sing solos on our microphones in front of the school.  An annual summer concert celebrates children's enthusiasm and talent through self-chosen groups and bands alongside school and class groups. An International Evening celebrates the incredible range of culture and talent evident at the school.

Beginning in Year 1 using a Kodaly solfa system, ( think do-re-mi- The Sound of Music! ) it is the aim at The Priory for all children to have access to and achieve success in reading, writing and performing music, and leave as happy, confident musicians and music lovers.