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The Priory C of E Primary School


As a Church of England school, the Priory C of E Primary School prides itself on its caring and hard working ethos. Christian values underpin the life and relationships of the school wherein everyone is valued as a unique individual.

Integral to this is a responsibility for the general health and well being of all staff and pupils. Many of the areas covered by the P.S.H.E programme, such as respect for individuals and self are demonstrated throughout the school. These form part of the Whole School ethos which seeks to present pupils with positive role models such as: management of behaviour; school environment; lunchtime management.


At The Priory we believe that all children should be taught P.S.H.E in order to have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make informed choices. In order to do this we aim that all pupils will know and understand:
• the importance and benefits of cooperation
• the importance of motivation
• their rights and responsibilities
• the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including hygiene, sleep, exercise, healthy eating etc.
• about drugs, their use and misuse, their effects both long and short term, individual, societal and global.
be able to:
• form meaningful relationships
• resolve conflicts in an assertive yet non-confrontational way
• identify and express their feelings appropriately, and to develop a sense of empathy
• take responsibility for their decisions
• become an active citizen - taking an active part in their own and others’ communities
Will have explored and considered;
attitudes and a moral code based on society and the individual and what serves both best
• being a good example to others;
• the beliefs and attitudes that help maintain a healthy body and mind
• the views and lifestyles of others (where they do not adversely affect their wellbeing)
• self esteem and independence

P.S.H.E is delivered through three main ways.
The whole school ethos reflects the values and beliefs of the school and makes apparent to pupils the standards of care, attention and respect that we value.
The Cross Curricular elements provide opportunities to explore the key themes in all areas of classroom work including science, geography, history, maths and English.
The Taught PSHE curriculum allows pupils and staff to focus completely on areas for discussion and exploration in depth.

We have also begun to embark on the Unicef, Rights Respecting Schools Award. This award acknowledges the school's dedication to ensure all of the rights stated in the Children's Rights Charter are respected and upheld within the school environment.