The Priory, Church of England Primary School


At The Priory Church of England Primary we have an active School Council who regularly consults with fellow classmates about developing various provisions within the school. Each class has a school Council Rep who is elected by their class. The classes have a consultation journal in which they are encouraged to write their ideas and opinions. Pupils are given the opportunity to share successes within our school as well as offer ideas so as to enhance their enjoyment of school life whilst at The Priory. These journals are brought to fortnightly meetings where suggestions are discussed and agreed by the school councilors before being taken to Ms White for approval and implementation.

 Our Stationery shop has been most successful this year and is open every Wednesday at first break for KS1 and KS2 pupils. Items are sold at affordable prices so as to ensure that all Priory pupils have the correct equipment for their lessons to support their learning. In the autumn term, a fantastic profit of £150 was made! School Council representatives have decided to spend the money on additional playground equipment which will benefit all pupils. We encourage all, to support our stationery shop, as all profits will continue to benefit pupils at The Priory.

 School Councillors put together our own edition of The Priory Times newspaper; written for pupils by its pupils. School council representatives work in teams to put together their news, interviews, book reviews and recommendations, puzzles and crosswords.