The Priory CofE Primary School

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at The Priory              

Equality and Diversity Statement 

At the Priory, we are preparing the learners of today for a global future and provide a happy and secure environment for our community of pupils and staff as well as responding to their changing needs. We are proud to promote diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our educational community. We consider the whole person to be important and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and embrace differences in culture, language, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. We believe that diversity is a strength which should be embraced, celebrated and respected; it enriches our school environment, encourages creativity and critical thinking, and prepares our students for success. We believe that we were all created equal in God's eyes and no matter your faith or beliefs, everyone deserves to feel celebrated and equal.
Our aims
  • To promote equality of opportunity and representation for all with and without protected characteristics
  • To eliminate discrimination 
  • To close the gap academically of disadvantaged pupils as well as provide equal opportunity for disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our school community
How do we achieve these aims? 
  • All stakeholders to have a good understanding of our principles, values and beliefs that are weaved through our Equality Statement and put these into practice through their work in the school 
  • Promotion of our vision and values of equality and anti-discrimination is apparent in all of school life through the curriculum, Collective Worship, interactions with pupils, staff and parents, events and through PSHE.
  • We actively share our message in our Equality Statement annually with families at parent information meetings and review it regularly.
  • We review our curriculum continuously to adhere to our commitment to represent and promote diverse faiths and beliefs, family models, abilities, gender and sexual orientation. 
  • We are working towards a Rights Respecting Award and actively promote this within our community and use the UN's rights of a child in our curriculum
  • Our collective worships focus on children's rights, British Values and protected characteristics and we are always adapting our curriculum to reflect those with and without protected characteristics, disadvantaged This action is part of our school development plan.

  • We hold termly Cultural Awareness Days to celebrate cultures of our community and from across the world to ensure our pupils and families feel represented, are able to share their identity and learn about others.

  • We are partaking in anti-racism RE units provided by the Southwark Diocese Board of Education as we understand the need to actively stand against racism

Cultural Awareness Days / Celebrating diversity and inclusion 

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At The Priory, we hold aspirational aims for our pupils. We are committed to meeting the needs of all individuals, to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of our curriculum; we aim to cater for each individual, taking particular account of any specific needs or abilities.



"Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are identified quickly. They are given support so they can access all subjects alongside their peers. Teachers ensure that pupils with SEND develop independence through practising their skills regularly and often".

Ofsted Inspection, January 2023


What is SEND?

If your child has more challenges than most children their age with aspects of their learning, communication, behaviour or day to day living, they are likely to benefit from additional support in school which will enable them to access the curriculum at their level. 


We categorise special educational needs and/or disability under 4 broad categories of need:

1. Communication, Interaction and Language Needs 

2. Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs                                                                                    

3. Cognition a Learning Needs 

4. Physical and Sensory Needs


The level of support that a child requires is then established, based on the level of intervention they require.


Merton Local Authority provide an extensive breakdown of SEND support through their  Local Offer: 


 Click the link below for Merton's SEND Local Offer:          


Click the link below for a full list of support we at The Priory provide for our pupils, under all 4 categories of Need:/docs/Intervention_overview_2022-23.pdf 

Levels of Support


School Level Support

Within school, this means that they may be identified on the school's Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) register, so that provision to meet their needs can be planned for. This may be small group intervention, pastoral support, pre-teaching or extra resources to scaffold their learning in class.

You will be contacted by our Inclusion Lead, Alex Williams, if your child has been identified as requiring additional support, so that you are able to share your views and preferences on a way forward to meet their needs.


The school's SEN register is a working document that is updated termly. As children progress, they may be taken off of the register at a future point, when their needs have successfully been met and they no longer require significant, additional support.


Specialist Level Support

Following the graduated approach to SEND, if the planned provision has not had a significant impact on the pupil’s progress, specialist support and advice may be sought. A SEN Support Plan will be written by the class teacher, in collaboration with parents and our Inclusion Lead, to ensure a collaborative approach.


Our Inclusion Lead works with a wide range of professionals including: Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language therapists, Occupational Therapists, CAMHS, Education Wellbeing Practitioners, Paediatricians, GPs, Physiotherapists, School Nurses and Merton's Learning, Behaviour and Language Service to ensure pupils' needs are robustly catered for, and that teaching staff are confident in the delivery of provision and intervention. 

This September, 2022, we have also commissioned support from Jigsaw4U, a charity based organisation who provide therapy-based 1:1 support for pupils and/or carers, within the school setting (see below for further information).


 EHCP Level of Support

In circumstances where a pupil does not make expected progress over a sustained period time, despite appropriately pitched differentiation and intervention, our school’s Inclusion Lead will meet with parents to discuss whether requesting an assessment for an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) is appropriate.   

If you have any concerns about your child's learning, mental health or Wellbeing, you are able to arrange a consultation with our Assistant Head Teacher, Inclusion and Mental Health lead, Mrs Alex Williams via the School Office.

Useful Links:




NHS Education Wellbeing Practitioners: Here are some of the parenting workshops that our EWP run from The Priory for parents of pupils suffering from Anxiety or displaying challenging behaviour:





For further information on how we support pupils with SEN, please see chapter 6 of the SEND Code of Practice Handbook, 2015:  




Our school's SEND Information Report, SEN Policy and a breakdown of the Local Offer for SEND provision can be found here: 



Click here if you are concerned about a child