The Priory, Church of England Primary School

teaching staff

Headteacher        Mr Peter Haddock Designated Safeguarding Lead/EVC/LAC
Deputy Head  Mrs Claire Ellerker Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Curriculum/Assessments/EWO/Supply/Pupil Premium Students/NQTs
Nursery   Mrs Lucy Vallejo Wildlife Garden

Reception - Owls


Mrs Olivia Bacon   (Mon - Thurs)

Mrs Melody Rigler (Fri)         


Reception -Hedgehogs

Miss Gemma Kavanagh

Acting Early Years Lead, Extended Leadership Team

1S  Miss Isabel Siddiqui ECO/School Council
1B Miss Flora Bendall NQT, History
2H     Mrs Juleya Hedman NQT, Geography




Mrs Vicki Barrett (Mon & Tues)

Mrs Jill Beer (Thu & Fri)

(alternate Wednesdays)


Team Wimbledon Mentors


3B Mr Stephen Barron ICT/Extended Leadership Team
3C    Ms Kerry Coulby  School Newspaper
4P Mr Jonathan Pate PSHE
4T Miss Hayley Thompson Maths Coordinator/Extended Leadership Team
5W Miss Charlotte Worner Science Coordinator/Extended Leadership Team
5H Mr Andrew Harrison NQT/Acting RE (with PH and Chloe Overill)
6E Miss Sarah Elphick  Design Technology


Assistant Headteacher

Miss Katie Mayers Literacy Coordinator/CPD/MDS/Staff Coaching/Year 6 Lead

Inclusion Manager

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Elspeth Leach

Special Needs/Inclusion/Assistant DSL/EAL

Year 6 Support Mrs Sarah Shirley (Mon -Wed) Art
Pupil Premium Teacher  Ms Kirsten Slinger (Mon - Thu) Disadvantaged Children (reporting to CE)
PE Teacher Mr Linton Tulloch PE
French Teacher Mrs Anne Moran (Wed and Thu) French
Music Teacher Mr Lee Mottram Music
Mrs Chloe Overill Acting RE/Ethos Team
Ms Lillian Zwarts TBC after maternity leave


 EVC  Educating Visits Coordinator
 LAC  Looked After Children
 EWO  Education Welfare Officer
 TA  Teaching Assistant
 NQT  Newly Qualified Teacher
 G&T  Gifted and Talented Children
 ECO  Environmentally Friendly
TLR Teacher and Learning Responsibility
EAL English with an Additonal Language
CPD Continued Professional Development
MDS Midday Supervisors