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The Priory follows the 

Merton Sports Partnership's units.



At The Priory Year 3 pupils and Year 4 pupils both get to do swimming lessons for one term. The pupils all go to Wimbledon Leisure Centre and Spa.  Some pupils also do catch up sessions in Year 6. 

Facilities at Wimbledon Leisure Centre and Spa | Merton | Better

The Priory Swimming Levels at the for Years 4 and 5:

Outcome 1 - Swim unaided for 25m using recognised arm & leg movements; competently, confidently, & consistently.    100% 

Outcome 2 - Swim for 10m on 3 of the following strokes (with buoyancy aids) (front paddle, back paddle, breast stroke, butterfly leg kick)   89% 

Outcome 3 - Jump in from poolside, submerge & rise to the surface (1.5m minimum depth).  Float on front or back without aids for 20 seconds in deep water, then swim back to the wall. Tread water in deep water without using buoyancy aids for 30 seconds. Perform a shout & signal rescue (unaided) for 30 seconds. Exit the water safely without using steps in deep water (1.2m minimum depth). 89% 

After their intensive two week swimming course, any children who did not meet the outcomes confidently, will participate in catch up swimming lessons in the next academic year.