The Priory, Church of England Primary School

Raising Money

You shop, we get free cash back!

Use some great online sites to purchase your usual groceries, clothing, household goods or other items and generate free cash back for FOPSA.  Sites include:




The Giving Machine: This includes Boots, John Lewis, Amazon, Tesco, Boden, GAP and many more high street retailers and some supermarkets.

Please sign up at and select The Priory as your chosen charity. For all purchases, a percentage donation will be given to FOPSA, at no cost to you.



Riverford Organic Farmers: We get money for all parents who sign up for deliveries of vegetable or fruit boxes.

Please sign up at and use code SCH1277 to set up your account and raise funds, or contact Even if you are an existing customer, we can still raise funds for the school this way too!




Mirco Scooters: We get 10% cash back on all orders on using code 102672.


Match Funding

Many larger corporations do this, please ask your HR department if they can support our charity. For example, if you work on a summer fair stall for 1 hour and raise £100, your company can match those charitable funds, so in total we raise £200. This makes a big difference to our school!



Any amount is gratefully received, and donations can be made confidentially. Please contact if you have any questions.


Happy Bags

Fill up your happy bags with old clothes and we get money. It's a great way to declutter. Bags will be sent out up to 4 times a year.


Fundraising Initiatives

Throughout the year there are other fundraising initiatives- including buying Christmas cards designed by your child, ordering your Christmas trees through The Priory and more....


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