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The Priory C of E Primary School


We would like to thank all our families working remotely at home, pupils, parents and carers, for all their efforts and enthusiasm during a challenging time. You are all doing a wonderful job! 

The Priory is keen to prioritise the remote learning for all the pupils at home, as well as those in school, during this lockdown. We have therefore adapted our plans for this lockdown and the day is structured very much like the 'usual' school day.

For all pupils it begins with the whole class registration and then it moves into English or Maths lessons. These will either be live lessons on Google Meet, or pre-recorded lessons on the Google Classroom. Some classes will be doing introductions to their lessons before the children complete their task, but all classes will be providing question and answer slots. This allows time for misconceptions to be addressed and for feedback to pupils, which will further support their progress.  Parents are encouraged to email the class teachers on the class emails or chat with them about any queries or concerns when they make their regular telephone calls. Teachers regularly keep their live sessions active, in case a pupil may need to speak to them for additional support. 

Further tasks for the foundation subjects, phonics, SPAG and reading will also be put on the Google Classrooms throughout the day. There is an expectation that pupils do complete these tasks and email them to their class teacher for feedback. This will aid their progress, whilst working from home. 

All classes end each school day with a live Google Meet session, either 'Story time' or 'Reading their Class Novel', this helps reinforce the 'usual' school day structure, before dismissal at the end of the day. 

The following guides are a rough guide to what remote learning might look like in each key stage. All the timings for lessons and tasks are posted on the Google Classrooms throughout the day and a weekly timetable is also posted to the classroom in order to provide parents time to plan their days in advance.  

Remote Learning Guide for the day - Early Years


Remote Learning Guide for the day - KS1

Remote Learning Guide for the day - KS2